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My drawings concern power and force, capturing strength as well as the beauty of the human form. Close interaction of figures creates a powerful intimacy and tension.

My starting points vary from the sculptural forms created by bone, muscle and sinew to the raw energy and power of movement. The medium of Graphite and Charcoal afford fluid and dynamic strokes whilst allowing me to create an almost physical quality in the definition of the figures. Within my ink and colour work I will often try to capture the speed of the action though the fluidity of the medium. My digital paintings often explore a more surreal aspect of alter egos.

My current Jester series of works has evolved from my studies of dancers and sportsmen and women. The Jester motif came about as I thought the characters in my studies were more than the activities that they were performing. The masks suggest an underlying mischievousness or subversive nature; there is more going on than first meets the eye.

My formal art training was in Ceramics and sculpture has always been a great inspiration and influence in my work. My work as an art and photography teacher enabled me to explore a wide variety of subjects and mediums. This and the young people I have worked with ensure that I am open to fresh ideas and new concepts.
The next exhibition of my artwork will be at the New Artists Fair, Truman Brewery, London 9th -11th Sept 2016.